Quality for Life : Quality + Efficacy

Lavinia Borcau’s extensive hands-on experience in helping her spa clients enjoy healthy, radiant skin has guided the development of the LaVie Organique product line.

The Mission

To translate the most complete professional skin care treatment into a simple, yet effective, pure and elegant personal care system that nurtures and maintains healthy skin every day.

These revitalizing formulas embody Lavinia Borcau’s desire to increase the effectiveness of daily personal skin care, bringing the natural wisdom of our grandmothers’ heritage together with the secrets of European skin care and modern scientific technology. Lavinia Borcau believes that skin care is a lifetime discipline, and that an effective skin care routine achieves and maintains balance, while also providing a nurturing experience of extraordinary luxury.

The formulas are designed to assist skin health and beauty by increasing blood circulation to help supply oxygen and nutrients to the skin, stimulating cell regeneration, restoring elastin and collagen fibers, moisturizing the epidermis, delivering anti-oxidants to neutralize free radicals that cause signs of aging, and providing anti-inflammatory action to soothe and calm the skin.

Lavinia’s commitment to exacting standards is embodied in the LaVie Organique products. She dedicated several years to formulation, and these products meet unwavering standards of quality and purity. LaVie Organique represents pure quality. Of equal importance, LaVie Organique is a luxurious and synergistically powerful skin care system that delivers beautiful results.